Professional Journey
I'm Alicia Whiteman, a dedicated business executive with over 15 years of multi-industry expertise in optimizing creative and brand operations. A commitment to excellence marks my journey, a passion for leadership, and a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth. Throughout my life, I have been defined by my professional achievements and my unwavering commitment to education. I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, and from a young age, I was determined to succeed in my career. I embraced the challenge of balancing a full-time job while simultaneously pursuing my education on a full-time basis.
Balancing Act
Throughout my career, I've maintained this delicate balance, demonstrating my ability to manage multiple responsibilities and overcome challenges. This commitment to both work and education has instilled in me a profound sense of discipline, resilience, and a hunger for continuous learning.
As I transitioned from various roles in project management, operations management, and strategic leadership, I simultaneously carried the lessons learned during those formative years of working and studying. This foundation has fueled my drive to excel in every endeavor I undertake.
Change Catalyst
Early in my career, I established myself as a change catalyst, bringing about process improvements while managing creative and marketing projects for major brands like Godiva Chocolatier and Tiffany & Co. My journey also includes a tenure with McCann Worldwide (now known as MRM//McCann), where I led operations and production for clients such as the U.S. Postal Service, Nestlé, and the Tory Burch Foundation.
Versatile Experience
I've had the privilege of working across various sectors, including a role at Ann Inc., where I served as the Digital Project Manager for the marketing of LOFT and Lou & Grey, building and leading a high-performing team. My career also led me to Pacific Investment Management Co. (PIMCO), where I managed the Global Design Studio and Marketing, achieving significant gains in project accuracy, collaboration, and cost-efficiency.
Strategic Leadership
In 2019, I was recruited by JP Morgan Chase as a Vice President to lead creative operations, where I successfully revitalized stalled projects, improved operational structure, and aligned stakeholders. My journey culminated in my role as the Vice President of Brand Operations & Resourcing and Marketing Delivery Lead, where I drove strategic planning, resource utilization, and operational excellence.
Education and Certification
I hold a Doctorate degree in Leadership in a Global Context from Alliance University and a Master's Degree in Design Management from Pratt Institute. My educational journey also includes a Bachelor of Technology in Graphic Art, Advertising & Production Management from NYC College of Technology (CUNY) and an Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing from New York University (NYU). As a testament to my commitment to project management excellence, I have completed 36 Professional Development Units (PDUs) and am preparing to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam in January 2024. I am a Certified Scrum Master (CSM®) and a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO®), actively participating in esteemed organizations such as the Project Management Institute (PMI®), Scrum Alliance®, Women of Project Management (WOPM®), and the Design Management Institute (DMI).
Empowering Others
My career journey, marked by dedication, innovation, and unwavering faith, has equipped me with the tools to make a lasting impact in the world of business and leadership. I believe that my experiences have prepared me to lead and serve, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and insights with others on their journey to success.
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